Friday, August 23, 2013

Crazy For Calzone

An ultimate comfort dish. This is a calzone that will give you a run for your money. Once you've mastered the art of making pizza dough, this is the next most sensible thing to make. Buon Appetito

-3/4 cup warm water
-1 tsp dried yeast
-1/4 tsp white sugar
-2 cups flour
-1/8 cup olive oil
-1/2 tsp salt

1. Combine water, yeast and sugar in a small bowl. Leave for 5 mins or until mixture is foamy. Stir well.
2. Combine flour and salt in a mixing bowl, create a well in the middle and pour the yeast mixture and oil.
3. Stir w/ a spoon gently until mixture comes together to become a dough.
4. Using your hands, work into a ball, kneading the dough at the same time.
5. Set aside in a separate bowl (greased w/ oil in all sides and bottom so the dough doesn't stick).
6. Cover the top with clear film  (plastic) and allow to rise (double the volume, about an hour).

Saute the ff. ingredients in a pan altogether, adding tomato sauce, tomato paste and a bit of water at the very end to combine everything and give the ingredients a tomato sauce base...
-green peppers
-Italian herbs (oregano, thyme, basil)
-Salt & pepper to taste

When everything is ready, divide the dough into 2 equal parts, roll out w/ a rolling pin to form individual circles.

Laden the filling and top w/ grated mozzarella cheese. Fold the calzone over and crimp the sides. Create vent slots on top and lastly, give the calzone an eggwash.

Bake for 25-30 mins at 200 degrees C or until golden brown.

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