Sunday, June 30, 2013

Smoked Salmon and Kesong Puti

What better breakfast/brunch to serve than a beautiful smoked salmon with kesong puti on top of a warm baguette slice, with fluffy and runny scrambled eggs on the side? 


Looks fancy? Yes. Expensive? Nope. Cost me a little under Php50 (USD1). The only cooking required was the scrambled egg too. Multiply the serving by two when catering to a man.

Smoked salmon (Superfish brand) Php150 for 100grams
=16grams Php25
Baguette (Rustan's deli) Php39 for 1 long bread at buy1take1 (equivalent to 20 slices 3/4" thick)
=Php 2 for one slice
Kesong Puti (Hacienda Macalauan) Php103 for 200 grams
=Php10 for 20 grams or 2 thin slices
=1 Egg Php 5
1 bunch parsley Php10 =Php.50 centavos for a sprig

*All from Rustan's supermarket

TOTAL: Php42.50

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