Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poached Pears With Dark Caramel Sauce

Easy and elegant. What more can you ask?

a different plating design

Spiced Wine (Poaching Liquid)

You can use this poaching liquid recipe which I used for my baked apples:

Use the same process to make the spiced wine. Basically, it's star anise, cinammon barks, 1/4 part red wine, 3/4 part water, juice of 1/2 or 1 orange and it's zest.

Poached Pears

Peel and poach the pears in boiling liquid for 30 minutes or until tender when poked through with a bbq stick. If the liquid is not enough to submerge the pears, just turn them once or twice every 10-15 mins. Allow to cool before dousing with caramel.

Dark Caramel Sauce

A dark caramel sauce is smoky and less sweet than the regular one since I used brown vs white sugar.

1/2 cup brown sugar
3 tbsp butter
1/4 cup cream

In a pan, melt sugar and bring to a boil, constantly whisking throughout the process. once sugar bubbles, add butter. take it out of the stove immediately and add the cream. constantly whisk until smooth. let it cool and pour onto pears. Sprinkle with sea salt if you want a salted caramel version.

Although mine's a bit messy, it's always good to try to be creative with the presentation. I added droplets of cream and used a toothpick to create shapes that looked like mini-pacmans. When I drizzled the caramel, it went down into the liquid in cool snake shapes.

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